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Verizon Wireless Coupons and Sapphire Glass: The Future of Cell Phones.

Verizon Wireless Coupon Codes:

Thanks to the recent corporate tax cut, Verizon has been handing out lots of incentives to their customers. One of them? Coupon codes for new cell phones. It’s a great deal for consumers, in the short term at least, as you may be able to grab a current generation smartphone for much less than you would have otherwise, provided that the max discount of your code doesn’t kick in. You can see a list of the latest  promo codes over at

Unbreakable Glass In Your Next Cell Phone:

Today’s smartphone screens provide sharp, crisp images that mobile users love. But these delicate displays present a major problem: drop them on the floor, and crash! It’s all over.

Phone manufacturers are working on new ways to make smartphone screens more durable and butter-finger friendly. A new and increasingly popular solution is found in manufactured sapphire.

What is Sapphire?

Sapphire is a strong material, second only to the diamond. It’s so strong that it’s used as a transparent armor for military vehicles. As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s also an expensive material. The main challenge is to make it in such a way that it would be cost-effective, keeping the average smartphone affordable.

With a sapphire screen, your phone would be protected from key scratches or shatters after drops to the asphalt. The spiderweb screen that renders your cyber-lifeline useless would become a thing of the past. You’d still be able to see all of the beautiful photos on your favourite websites, and those shared by friends and family on social media.

Sapphire Vs. Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is currently used in the manufacture of iPhone and other smartphone screens. To give you an idea of the cost difference, a display from Gorilla Glass costs under three dollars. A sapphire display would cost upwards of about 30 dollars.

But competition and advancing technology are beautiful things. These factors should cause the price to go down over the next couple of years.

Sapphire is three times more durable and scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass. In fact, Apple is using it now to keep the iPhone 5’s camera safe.

Eric Virey, Ph.D., Senior Market and Technology Analyst for Yole Développement, says that all of the major players in the mobile market are looking into changing over to sapphire technology. According to Virey, consumers should start seeing high-end smartphones with sapphire screens as early as this year.

Achieving Affordable Sapphire

Instead of pure manufactured sapphire, a laminate could prove to be far more cost-effective. In this process, a less expensive material with a protective sapphire cover could be used to prevent a screen from getting scratched or shattered. This solution would keep costs lower than a sapphire-only display, closer to what they are currently.

A company in New Hampshire called GT Advanced Technologies is working on sapphire sheets made thinner than a human hair. This process was originally used to create solar cells.

GT Advanced Technologies makes these sheets by melting aluminum oxide in custom furnaces. The aluminum oxide cools slowly to form a crystal. The crystal is sliced with a special saw to create the laminate.

GT believes their unique sapphire displays should be only three or four times the cost of Gorilla Glass. Representatives say that the price will decrease as improvements are made in technology and overall operations.

Sapphire Has Competition

Other companies in the US and abroad are hard at work to create ways that would make sapphire technology a cost-effective choice for the entire mobile phone industry. Technologies that already exist are also working to improve their products. For example, Corning, the makers of Gorilla Glass, have released a material that may be used in products sometime this year. They claim that the new Gorilla Glass is twice as scratch resistant as the original product.

Be on the lookout for new displays that will stand strong in the face of human clumsiness. As technology quickly advances, the sapphire option may prove to be an affordable alternative, helping users to avoid catastrophe by keeping their valuable mobile devices intact.


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Galaxy S8 versus Iphone 8

Galaxy S8 versus Iphone 8

Galaxy S8 versus iPhone 8

If you aren’t already excited for this year’s smartphone war, you most definitely should be, because 2017 is not at all short on surprises when it comes to the two companies battling it out in what’s certain to be an interesting event.

People have already bought website hosting just to cheery for their favorite phones when they are unveiled. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is! If you don’t love the earbuds that come with the phone (they never fit me well) you can get a good budget headphone instead for listening to music. And for the gamers, there are coupons for various apps and services.

Despite Apple’s new smartphone not having officially been revealed just yet, there are enough rumors circulating for us to help you figure out which side you want to be on.

Overall design

Galaxy S8

Although some minor changes compared to the previous model are to be expected, we’d bet our money on the lack of a physical home button catching your eye first. But don’t worry. The home button isn’t completely gone. It was simply moved into the smartphone’s software.  As for the fingerprint sensor, it’s now been moved to the back of the device, right next to the camera.

iPhone 8

If you’ve ever been terrified at the thought of your smartphone’s screen shattering as a result of a drop, then we have bad news for you!

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is rumored to come with an all-glass enclosure. Is the revolutionary design enough to balance the fear of having your screen broken into pieces? We’ll let you be the judge of that!


Galaxy S8

The main sensor sits at an impressive 12 megapixels, while the front camera settles at a slightly more modest 8.  Notably, your smartphone’s camera will be able to provide information on what it is you’re looking at, which might not sound like much at first, but it sure is impressive!

iPhone 8

You can expect more or less the same quality as iPhone 7 provided, but rumors have it that the masterminds behind iPhone8 are working on implementing 3D capabilities to the camera, which could open the way for augmented reality applications.


Galaxy S8

Samsung’s contestant comes with a curved “Infinity Display”, as the company calls it. At 5.8 inches, the screen will definitely be something to draw your attention.

iPhone 8

Apple sure isn’t holding back when it comes to their display.  Rumored to be the first ever smartphone screen to use OLED instead of LCD, it’s bound to shake things up a bit.

And if that wasn’t satisfying enough, the screen will most likely spill over to both sides, offering a revolutionized aesthetic for your pleasure alone.

Final word

Hopefully, we helped you clear things up a little bit! Whether you’re supporting Samsung, or you’re a diehard Apple fan, one thing is for sure. 2017 will be a year you most definitely don’t want to miss!

Google Pixel 2 Rumors

Google Pixel 2 Rumors

Google Pixel: A Force to Reckon With

After the launching of Google Pixel, Google’s first line of smartphones, everyone is hyped up for the release of a possible Google Pixel 2. The first Google Pixel and Pixel XL fared outstandingly in the smartphone arena after it was formally announced by Google. Both smartphones differ only by size but both are packed with impressive specs. The Google Pixel camera had been hailed as a top of the line camera which outdid its competitors. It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.

But which wireless carriers will carry the new smartphones? Will these flights even be allowed on flights?

Here is what we know so far.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on 2017

Before it was launched by Google, many rumors and leaks were floating around the electronics world. This time, the anticipation is just the same, if not higher for the release of Google Pixel’s successor. Such rumors include the release of three new devices from the Google Pixel line. Everyone is eager to sneak a peek at the new Google Pixel which is going to be released this year as per Rick Osterloh who is currently Google’s senior vice president of hardware. So, it’s finally confirmed that Google is indeed planning to launch Google Pixel’s successor on 2017.

Speculations on Three New Google Devices

Rumors are ripe that Google will not only be unveiling one new device but rather three. Google Pixel 2 might just be one of them. This all came after codenames were spotted on Android Open Source Project that hints at the incoming Google Pixel line. The discovery of these codes was made by Android Police through Google’s automated update bot, Treehugger. The codes were “muskie”, “walleye” and “taimen”.

Dozens of speculations surfaced after these codes were discovered. The code “muskie” allegedly stands for Pixel 2 while “walleye” stands for the second generation of Pixel XL. These codes may not mean anything at the moment, but given Google’s pattern of associating fish names with the sizes of their devices can be a sign. This got fans of the smartphone excited. But what is more exciting is the guessing game for the device behind the “taimen” code. Some believe that Google can be preparing for a new phablet that is bigger than its Pixel XL while some believe that it could stand for either a tablet or a laptop.

Fans of Google Pixel can now look forward to the release of its successors this year. After all, Google Pixel set a high standard for its future devices. Aside from its divisive design, it had a great smartphone performance with its excellent camera, software, and battery. We are hoping that Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL can top the previous versions. It will probably cost more than its predecessors but Google can make every penny worth it.