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Google Pixel 2 Rumors

Google Pixel 2 Rumors

Google Pixel: A Force to Reckon With

After the launching of Google Pixel, Google’s first line of smartphones, everyone is hyped up for the release of a possible Google Pixel 2. The first Google Pixel and Pixel XL fared outstandingly in the smartphone arena after it was formally announced by Google. Both smartphones differ only by size but both are packed with impressive specs. The Google Pixel camera had been hailed as a top of the line camera which outdid its competitors. It also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.

But which wireless carriers will carry the new smartphones? Will these flights even be allowed on flights?

Here is what we know so far.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on 2017

Before it was launched by Google, many rumors and leaks were floating around the electronics world. This time, the anticipation is just the same, if not higher for the release of Google Pixel’s successor. Such rumors include the release of three new devices from the Google Pixel line. Everyone is eager to sneak a peek at the new Google Pixel which is going to be released this year as per Rick Osterloh who is currently Google’s senior vice president of hardware. So, it’s finally confirmed that Google is indeed planning to launch Google Pixel’s successor on 2017.

Speculations on Three New Google Devices

Rumors are ripe that Google will not only be unveiling one new device but rather three. Google Pixel 2 might just be one of them. This all came after codenames were spotted on Android Open Source Project that hints at the incoming Google Pixel line. The discovery of these codes was made by Android Police through Google’s automated update bot, Treehugger. The codes were “muskie”, “walleye” and “taimen”.

Dozens of speculations surfaced after these codes were discovered. The code “muskie” allegedly stands for Pixel 2 while “walleye” stands for the second generation of Pixel XL. These codes may not mean anything at the moment, but given Google’s pattern of associating fish names with the sizes of their devices can be a sign. This got fans of the smartphone excited. But what is more exciting is the guessing game for the device behind the “taimen” code. Some believe that Google can be preparing for a new phablet that is bigger than its Pixel XL while some believe that it could stand for either a tablet or a laptop.

Fans of Google Pixel can now look forward to the release of its successors this year. After all, Google Pixel set a high standard for its future devices. Aside from its divisive design, it had a great smartphone performance with its excellent camera, software, and battery. We are hoping that Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL can top the previous versions. It will probably cost more than its predecessors but Google can make every penny worth it.